Guru H K Behera was instrumental in starting an institution where most of the dancers in the capital studied odissi in the 60s.

Sunil Kothari


Shri H K Behera came to Delhi from a village in Orissa with an ambition to teach and popularise Odissi, the exquisite dance form.

R Vasudevan

Hindustan Times, 1997


Speaking about dances, Poet Kalidas once observedů

There are some who excel in embodying the classical dance form in their portrayals: there are some who excel in transmitting it to their disciples". Judging from a long list of noted exponents of Odissi style of dancing, performing and imparting knowledge to others in India, and across the globe, the 2nd part of kalidas definitions fits aptly to Guru Hare Krishna Behera.

Asian Times

3rd October 1986